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In May 2006, DSF-6F velocimetry (Patent No.: ZL2011200555547.3) research and development success, and installed in Shandong Province Jinan Qingdao Expressway across the board, pilot domestic high-end velocimetry instrument market

In April 2007, Kun combat bayonet (Patent No.: ZL200810016667.5) research and development success, and in the city of Weifang installation and use, realize the non on-site law enforcement data single bayonet into the field of law enforcement combat platform, improve the police on duty mode.

In August 2008, China's first tablet narrow radar wave triggered bayonet system (Patent No.: ZL201020585936.2) in Jinan International Airport high-speed exit installation and use, creating a flat narrow band radar bayonet application of precedent, let coils trigger become history.

In June 2009, the embedded integrated multi service platform (Patent No.: ZL200820024290.3 development, let bayonet and electronic police more simple.

In December 2010, China's first multifunctional HD composite electronic police system (Patent No.: ZL201120055544.X) installed in Weifang Changyi City North Road-Traffic Street intersection to install and use, rewrite the electric police capture red light single violations of history.

In April 2011, based on the Independent Police Geographic Information PGIS technology and data mining technology research and development of Weifang City passing vehicle information audit dispatched platform (soft with registration number: 2011SR070880 )and won provincial Public Security Department of science and Technology Progress Award

In February 2012, as the owner for motion recognition technology, developed based on 4D modeling of video detection technology (soft with registration number: 2012SR106127), avoid triggering video rainy and snowy weather, light, shadow and other harsh environment caused by the impact.

In 2014, Based on cloud computing and big data technology independently, through large data pretreatment, position, cleaning, analysis and processing of data mining, intelligent and distributed cloud computing and cloud storage technology, developed information in Feicheng judged application (software with registration number: 2014SR079071), and won the Provincial Public Security Department of science and technology progress award.

In January 2014, harrier bayonet (side mounted bayonet) invention patent (Patent No. certification: ZL201420052593.1, and in 2015 the successful application in Jining line high speed (China's first side mounted bayonet system), breaking the high-speed top mounted bayonet installation construction and maintenance difficult situation.

In 2015, based on independent intellectual property rights of the security database (soft with registration number: 2015SR133891) and independent intellectual property rights of the embedded operating system soft (Registration Number: 2015SR141713) technology has made copyright protection, so never worry about the intellectual property rights, at the same time, the system is more simple, stable and reliable.

In March 2015, the development of China's first law roadway taking-up device (patent no. : ZL20152022222.1), completely solve the highway cart illegal encroachments problem for a long time

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